Raffi Besalyan - George Randy Bass

Raffi Besalyan Performs at the Cherry Hill Foundation

Cherry Hill Plantation, built in 1858, is the home of the Cherry Hill Historical Foundation and the venue for several classical music concerts each year. Concerts are open to the public for a nominal donation. Pianists, violinists, vocalists, and artists with other musical talents perform in the old-world tradition of using private homes rather than concert halls. A magnificent concert grand graces the spacious entry hall and is the focal point for each performance.

Raffi Besalyan performed for the Cherry Hill Historical Foundation on Sunday, September 17th. An exceptional experience hearing Dr. Besalyan perform! Never have I felt so moved by a classical music performance. Dr. Besalyan’s Press reviews in Japan, the United States, and Europe have hailed Besalyan as “a true heir of the mainstream of Russian pianism, like Horowitz”, “A keyboard phenomenon”, “a formidable pianist with a commanding presence and rich interpretive gifts”, “a master of his art”. He has established an international reputation as a magnetic and passionate performer.

The entire house is open for touring after each performance. Here are a couple of images captured on Sunday.

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